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Our Volunteers

Our volunteers come from all walks of life and range from their twenties to their seventies.  Join them!  These are conscientious men and women who commit roughly two years to getting to know a child who has experienced abuse or neglect, and helping that child to find a safe, permanent home in which to thrive.  More information is available about how to volunteer.

The proven CASA model was praised by Nicholas Kristof in a November 2020 New York Times column; he wrote: “CASA…Volunteers provide support and advocacy for children who sometimes have no one else to trust, while helping them navigate the bureaucracy.”  (He has included the CASA model among those endorsed at 

CASA of Southern Connecticut's Volunteers

Karen Bergin (Cohort 3)

Kathleen Carr (Cohort 1)

Eileen Condon (Cohort 2)

Mahoghany Dolberry (Cohort 1)

Calvin Fang (Cohort 2)

Andrew Giering (Cohort 2)

Tricia Goldburn (Cohort 3)

Tanya Goldstein (Cohort 4)

Victoria Huckestein (Cohort 4)

Dwayne Jackson (Cohort 2)

Jacqueline Johnson (Cohort 4)

Kyla Kachinsky (Cohort 4)

Regina Keifer (Cohort 3)

Claire Kelley (Cohort 3)

Tiffany Lee (Cohort 4)

Adriana Latouf (Cohort 1)

Amanda Liberman (Cohort 3)

Susan McKeon (Cohort 4)

Aimee Nicolich (Cohort 3)

Anna Preston (Cohort 4)

Jeffrey Reitmeier (Cohort 2)

Claudia Sherman (Cohort 4)

Kyn Tolson (Cohort 2)

Sandra Tranquilli (Cohort 1)

Kristina Veselak (Cohort 4)

Mary Woolsey (Cohort 2)
Beyond those above who have committed to serving children directly, CASA of Southern Connecticut benefits from the service of citizens who are lending their time and expertise as members of the Board of Directors, the Advisory Council, and the Ambassadors--along with several other individuals (Pamela Ellman, Bianca Herlitz-Ferguson, Erin Hill) who have made in-kind donations of time, thought, and skill.  Thanks to all!

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